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Memorial Day in DC

Beyond the sight seeing, Washington DC on Memorial Day is a sobering place.  Thousands and thousands of people come from all over the nation to remember and visit loved ones who died defending their freedom.  Arlington Cemetery, the new WWII monument, the Vietnam and the Korean War monuments were all solemn and reverent places this weekend.  As Jaci and I walked along each of these, we could not help but fall silent as we passed the tokens placed on the ground by the loved ones of those who died in these conflicts.  A purple heart medal, old wooden crutches, tattered dog tags, missing in action bracelets, goodbye notes…  Each one a reminder of the cost paid and the sacrifice of so many — a reminder that my rights to use my camera freely, worship as I choose, my freedom to write this blog – all came at a cost – one I often forget and take for granted – but not today…

Here are just a few snap shots from our trip and a few of the images that I didn’t want to forget — we have much to be thankful for and much to remember.


Visiting DC

Being in Washington DC for Memorial Day weekend is quite the experience.  Whether trying to navigate the many closed off and one way roads or taking in one of the amazing parades, museums, and monuments – there was never a lack of things to keep us occupied.

Jaci and I had the opportunity to shoot the wedding of an fun and wonderful couple, Gary and Megan, in Virginia (wedding coming soon!) and, as we were only an hour and a half outside DC, we decided to take a few days and make it a vacation as well.

Our trip was certainly full of adventures – from the most intense lightning and hail storm either of us had ever experienced (and one the locals said they hadn’t seen the likes of in nearly 20 years), to getting to relax at sunset at Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home) with wine and chocolates, to exploring every possible tourist site in the city – it was a trip we will always remember.

We didn’t get carried away with taking pictures as we wanted something a bit more laid back and relaxing – but here are a couple shots from the trip to share – enjoy!


Jaci Van Wyhe

Today’s post is one I’ve wanted to write for a while and today felt like the day – it’s a shout out to and a recognition of the amazing work and contributions my wife, Jaci, brings to this husband and wife photography team!  As my partner in life and photography, Jaci is an amazing woman!

Jaci is gifted at photography in a way that has left me a bit jealous from time to time – I’ve carried an SLR camera for the better part of the last thirteen years, while she simply picked one up and started taking amazing pictures right out of the box!  Many of the pictures you’ve seen in these posts are her’s.  She has an eye for beauty and the patience to see it in so many areas of life –  she brings it to every shot she takes.

I am so amazed by my wife!  She teaches Spanish to middle schoolers, she is a loving and wonderful mother to our three children and she is supportive and strong in our marriage and photography business – I simply can’t begin to communicate how lucky and honored I am that she decided to marry and spend her life with me!  She is often my strength in difficult moments and she carries a wisdom and love that has touched the lives of many around her.  She is simply beautiful!!


Van Wyhe Family Time

Ok, I decided it was time to get a little personal on my blog!  So today’s post is simply to share some snap shots of my family.  I hope you enjoy this little look into our lives – I am so proud of them and love them so much… so you may catch me bragging a little here!

This first picture is of my amazing and beautiful wife, Jaci – who is holding our newest additions, Hannah and Benjamin, who just turned 7 months old.  Starting my own photography business has certainly come with challenges and then to have three kids in two short years has definitely brought a new level of excitement to our lives.  And it is the support and love of my wife that has seen me through many hard and uncertain hours.  I certainly wouldn’t be the man I am today without her by my side!


The next few shots are of Hannah and Benjamin enjoying a nice fall day… so I decided I could do them one better and stick them inside a carved out pumpkin… nothing says fall fun more than smelling like pumpkin pie!


This next picture is very precious to me – here I am walking through a pumpkin patch with my oldest son, Josiah.  This year has gone by so quickly and he is growing and changing so fast – it is these moments with him and watching him become an amazing person that I treasure so much and wish I had so many more of.


Josiah is not what you’d call a fan of hair cuts… thus, we clearly waited too long between them!  Here are a couple snap shots of him enjoying one of his favorite Pixar movies and sporting an amazing mop of hair.  But do not fear- we just went and had it all chopped off and now he is far less ragamuffin in public.


Here is a look that says it all!  You can almost read his mind by the look on his face – “dad… first, you are in my way and I am trying to watch my show… and second, I’m not so sure I want to be photographed right now… don’t mess with me, I’m superman!”


There is nothing like the admiration for an older brother… or the instinctive need to pester that older brother, even at only 7 months old!  I had to include this picture – showing both my sons sporting their super outfits!  However, it is sad that so many of these shots are of them in front of the TV!  (shameless defense) We really do limit the exposure to TV for them… however, it seems to be the only time I can get them to sit still long enough to grab a couple fun shots (ok, I feel better).


So stinkin cute… need I say more!


I was honestly a bit nervous about having a daughter.  I grew up with two brothers, I’m a guy… I get having boys… but a girl was way outside my comfort zone – until we had Hannah!  How can anyone be so beautiful, so joyful and bring such light to a room at only 7 months old!?  This is my little princess and I am definitely wrapped around her little finger!


Mostly, I just could resit adding a shot of Josiah hanging out in the sink for bath time!  Maybe its a moment only a parent can truly appreciate… or maybe I just know that someday this could be totally embarrassing for him and there is something inside me that grins…


And I’ll end this post with a Picture of Josiah in a blow up pool full of balls… because I love the joy on his face every time I look at this shot!


And there it is – a little glimpse into my family and into the joy and blessings I get to come home to everyday from a job I love to do.  Life isn’t always fun or easy – and this year has had its fair share of hard times – but life is good and I don’t ever want to forget that or stop sharing it with others.