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Weddings are the most auspicious moments in a person’s life. Don’t you want the best services to capture your best moments? What are you waiting for, come and book our services!

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From the arrival of the bride, groom and the gusts, to sending them off, we capture the right videography.

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Couples shoot a mandatory tradition! Don’t miss out on the best services for a couples shoot.

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We have the best set of photographers who hold expertise in clicking natural shots. Your poses aren’t posed anymore. They’re frame-worthy moments of life.

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We also take services for small and homely events like the engagements, anniversaries etc.

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Do you wish to add some fun and colour to your wedding ceremony? Choose our photo booth services.

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Family shoots are the most fun and exciting part of our job. Please allow us to show you’re our best work.

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything."

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Poses for ‘Solo’ Bridal Photos

Bridal Photos

Be it an English wedding or a grand Indian wedding, bridal photoshoots’ are mandatory. They are the essence which marks the beginning of a joyful ceremony and also sets the mood for the event.

Sure, in today’s candid world, candid photos steal the show. But not all your photos can be candid, can it? Candid images cover most of your glorious bridal moments, which is mainly concentrated on the wedding festivities. Like mentioned earlier, you cannot rely only on candids’. A solo bridal photoshoot is mandatory to capture your final single moments and add them to your bridal photo album because your wedding album is incomplete without your solo bridal portraits.

To capture your real essence of the wedding ceremony, we have jotted down the most magnificent single bridal photoshoot ideas that will not only follow the trend but also set the direction for your friends and family to follow. They also ensure that you’re well-lensed with your bridal attire and element. From getting dressed, to twirling and taking quirky photos, we have all the options you require for your solo shoot.

Bridal dupatta

This applies the best for the Indian weddings, where the bride gets decked up with the classic red dupatta. But it can also be used for English weddings, with a white vale.

Top angle shot

Top angle shot

They’re elegant and shows the glimpse of your entire wedding attire. Stand with poise and let the photographer capture the queen shot.

Veil for portraits

If you have seen Priyanka Chopra’s wedding pictures on social media, you know what we’re talking about. Use your veil as a prop to capture the best portrait pictures.

The classic mirror picture

Let your photographer capture the mirror picture, where you look into the mirror, and the photographer snaps a shot from the back.

Backdrop lit with fairy lights.

This is one of those classic wedding pictures. But, make sure to stay in your attire the entire day, to get the best shot in the evening.

Car portrait

A classic car portrait, before you make your grand entry into the venue when you’re putting yourself together.

Confident gaze with a slightly tilted head

Don’t you want to show off your luxury make up? Then stare right into the camera to show off your sparkling eyes and steal hearts.

The royal pose

Now its time for you to show off your entire attire. Do this by posing royally with a great background – probably sitting on the chair or in front of a tree.

Fake candid

Fake candid

If you’re not satisfied with the actual candids, the photographers take, then fake it till you make it.

Flaunt your smile

A wedding album is incomplete without your smile. Flaunt it and make it count.

Pizza bride

The classic Instagram pizza bride is a must-have posed. A little quirkiness is essential in such severe and joyful moments.

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